Angels minor league affiliate accidentally fires fireworks into crowd (Video)

The Rocket City Trash Pandas, an Angels minor league affiliate, had their fireworks display on Friday night go horribly awry. 

Fireworks at baseball games, whether we’re talking Dodger Stadium, a minor league ballpark, or your local little league facility, are pretty much a staple of summer. You go to a game, you see the postgame booms and then you head home happier. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to go.

On Friday night, the Rocket City Trash Pandas — the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels — were setting off fireworks after their game when one of them went awry.

Specifically, video shows that one of the fireworks was shot directly into a hill where fans were sitting and watching the show postgame.

Angels: Trash Pandas’ fireworks accidentally shot into crowd

Thankfully, the Trash Pandas said after the incident that no one was hurt, which is fortunate given how badly that could’ve gone (and also makes it feel a bit easier to have some jokes about).

You would think that a team hailing from “Rocket City” (which is another name for Madison, AL near Hunstville) would have a little bit better control and grasp of fireworks than what they showed on Friday night.

Again, it’s overwhelmingly positive that no one was hurt due to the accident. But maybe the Trash Pandas should take it easy on the fireworks shows for the rest of the season. Their track record suggests that might be best for the safety of everyone.

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