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MLB trade grades: Who won the Yankees-A’s Frankie Montas deal?

Grading the MLB trade between the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics headlined by Frankie Montas.

Here they are. The New York Yankees. Doing business. Making fans happy. They missed out on Luis Castillo and snagged his closest equivalent, Frankie Montas formerly of the Oakland Athletics.

The Yankees are looking to win a championship season while the Athletics are hoping to just win this trade. So, who can raise their arms up in triumphant glory?

MLB trade grades: Yankees already won the Frankie Montas trade

Here’s what the trade included:

For Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino, the Yankees gave up J.P. Sears (20th ranked prospect), Ken Waldichuk (5th ranked prospect), Cooper Bowman (21st ranked prospect), and Luis Medina (10th ranked prospect). For the Athletics to get four guys even in the top 20 of the Yankees farm system is pretty awesome for them. Only Bowman, a second baseman, isn’t a pitcher.

Here’s the problem. None of these prospects are truly great prospects at the same level as some other players the Yankees could have sent them. Only Waldichuk, who ranks 70th in all of MLB, is a top 100 guy at the moment.

It’s not an awful trade for the Athletics. Four for two isn’t so bad when you have to make a move sooner than later. They got some nice young arms in the deal.

However, when it comes to trades, a team like the Yankees will always have the advantage over someone like the Athletics. Already, it feels like the Athletics will, at best, develop these players only to trade them once they get more expensive in the future.

The Yankees get a year and a half of Montas plus Trivino. For as bad as he has been this year, pitching to a 6.47 ERA, he does have minor league options and could be a candidate to turn things around in the right situation. Imagine trying to save games for a front office that isn’t even trying to win.

The Yankees paid a lot to get Montas; the heart of this deal. They didn’t, however, do much damage to their chances this season or next. Sears was the biggest contributor on this year’s ball club. A depth piece for them to turn to in times of need, he’ll be missed but not sorely.

In grading this MLB trade, the Yankees get an extra bonus point for the potential future battery of Lou Trivino and Jose Trevino. Prepare for lots of confusion on the phone lines for every New York sports radio station in trying to talk about any moments they may have together.

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