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Noah Syndergaard fires shots at Mets in return to New York with Phillies

Noah Syndergaard was traded to the Phillies at the deadline and Thor is now making his return to New York to face the Mets and had some strong words.

Though he was injured for many of them, Noah Syndergaard spent six seasons with the New York Mets before the club elected to not bring him back ahead of the 2022 season, which led to him signing with the Los Angeles Angeles. However, LA traded Thor at the deadline this year and, as fate would have it, he landed on an NL East rival of his former club, the Philadelphia Phillies.

On Friday, the Phillies traveled to Citi Field for the start of a three-game series against the Mets and, though Syndergaard wasn’t slated to be on the bump for the series opener, he didn’t hesitate to take a massive shot at his former team.

Prior to the game, Syndergaard was asked about his return to Citi Field and had this to say, “I’m still taking it all in. I’m glad to be playing for a team that has a shot at playing for a World Series.”

Noah Syndergaard takes shot at Mets ahead of return with Phillies

While you have to love the confidence of Thor as he dropped the hammer on a Mets organization that has been shut out of the World Series since 1986 — the longest drought for any NL East team, it should be noted — it’s a bold take for a player on a team that is in third place in the division that’s led by New York.

At the same time, Syndergaard is more acutely aware than most that “Mets-ing” is a real thing and there is still an air of apprehension around fans that something bad could still happen to this team when they get into the playoffs.

Regardless, this certainly won’t be something that Mets fans will soon forget. And if Noah Syndergaard was hoping for a warm welcome back to Citi Field, his comments almost definitely caused the chance of that happening to fly swiftly out the window.

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