Latest Fernando Tatis Jr. PED excuse is even worse than ringworm

Latest Fernando Tatis Jr. PED excuse is even worse than ringworm.

When it was announced that Padres slugger Fernando Tatis Jr. was flagged for PEDs, he released a statement revealing that it was due to ringworm medication. We all laughed our butts off at that excuse then, but you might want to prepare yourself. This next excuse is way worse.

Tatis Jr.’s father, Fernando Tatis, said it was due to a bad haircut.

Yep, you read that right.

“What involves him [Tatis Jr.] is a steroid that contains a spray called trofobol… He got a fungus due to a haircut,” his father told Hector Gomez. “His mistake was not reading what it contains, which is what apparently makes him guilty of something totally unknown.”

Fernando Tatis Sr. says PED was due to a bad haircut

His father also said that due to the 80-game suspension, millions of people will stop watching baseball. Which seems just a wee bit dramatic.

“It was a mistake that could have been handled differently, destroy the image of a player for such a small thing, for a situation like this,” he continued according to Daily Mail. “Is a catastrophe not just for Tatis Jr, but for all baseball. There’s millions of fans that will stop watching baseball.”

Tatis signed a 14-year, $330million contract just over a year ago.

“All of this has happened because of something that is not worth this issue,” he said. “This is something for the skin, that’s something that’s not performance enhancing and has no testosterone. It has nothing to help you improve in the game.”

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