Yankees: Anthony Rizzo loses it after umpire overturns hit by pitch

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo was irate after he was hit by a pitch and umpire DJ Reyburn overturned the call because he leaned into the contact.

Anthony Rizzo has always seemed like one of the nice guys in baseball, but on Monday we got to see him practically hulk out over a disagreement with an umpire.

During the bottom of the third, Rizzo was at the plate facing Rays pitcher Ryan Yarbrough when he took a curve ball to the thigh.

The Yankees infielder thought he’d head straight to first base but home plate umpire DJ Reyburn ruled he leaned into the pitch.

Anthony Rizzo loses it after umpire overturns hit by pitch

https://twitter.com/TalkinYanks/status/1559329764569227270tttRizzo immediately confronted the ump along with manager Aaron Boone, who rushed out of the dugout as soon as the call was made.

Given how fired up Rizzo was, he could have gotten tossed but he avoided that fate, swinging and missing on the next pitch to strike out.

His emotions were still high when he got back to the dugout.

Afterward, Rizzo was spotted on camera very clearly saying, “Where the f— was I supposed to go?”

Angry Rizzo is a rare sight. It took a rare call to bring it out of him.

It was within the umpire’s right to call off that hit by pitch, but it certainly wasn’t a necessary call. The ball was off the plate and in Rizzo’s batter’s box. He could have done more to avoid it, sure. He also didn’t manipulate his body in an egregious way.

The ump could have saved that call for when a player tried to lean into the strike zone to get a HBP. This wasn’t that.

Whatever the call, Rizzo’s frustration could be attributed to more than just an overturned call. The Yankees are coming off series losses to the Mariners, Cardinals, Mariners again and Red Sox. They just lost DJ LeMahieu to injury and then lost their 11th game in their last 14 on Monday night as the Rays took the first game in this week’s series 4-0.

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