Josh Donaldson murdered a baseball, the Rays, and Yankees losing streak with epic walk-off

The New York Yankees ended a three-game losing streak in about as epic a way you can. 

To say it’s been a rough stretch recently for the New York Yankees is to undersell just how hard an fast the pendulum swings on the Bombers.

New York is only 3-7 in its last 10 games and based on how the national media was talking about them you’d be under the impression that the Bronx was burning in August. This despite the fact that the Yankees have a double-digit lead in the AL East, the third-best record in baseball, and the likely AL MVP in its lineup.

Tides turned once again on Wednesday night.

It seemed like another loss was in the cards for the Yankees when Francisco Mejia cleared the bases in the top of the 10th inning.

That was until Josh Donaldson stepped to the plate in the bottom half of the inning with the bases loaded and brought the rain like he’s been known to do. Donaldson hit a walk-off grand slam to end the losing streak and once again give us all something to talk about the Yankees.

The epic bat flip truly clapped back at Yankees critics harder than anything else could. Love them or hate them, it’s impossible to deny how awesome the moment was.

For what it’s worth, and as if things couldn’t have been any weirder, the Yankees losing streak not only ended with a grand slam but the win was officially credited to closer Aroldis Chapman.

Let’s also pour one out for the Rays, who thanks to Donaldson’s middle finger disguised as a bat flip, are a bit forgotten in this. The lead on morning sports shows will be centered on the Yankees losing streak ending, overreactions to New York being back, and the Donaldson bat flip and not on the fact that the Rays took a 3-run lead in extra innings and somehow still lost the game.

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