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Pirates players fire back at Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley for ‘bush league’ comments

Boston Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley is under fire for his comments about Pittsburgh Pirates players.

This week, the Boston Red Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates are competing in a three-game series. In the first game on Tuesday night, the talk was not about the play on the field. Rather, it was focused on the comments made by Red Sox broadcaster and Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley.

During the bottom of the second inning, Eckersley decided to criticize the Pirates‘ roster, calling them “a no-name lineup” and ” a hodgepodge of nothingness.” You can listen to Eckersley’s comments below.

Let’s just say that Eckersley’s comments did not go unnoticed in the Pirates clubhouse.

Pirates players respond to Dennis Eckersley’s criticism

Pirates star outfielder Bryan Reynolds was very blunt in regards to his response to Eckersley, saying he “couldn’t give any less of a crap what that guy has to say.”

Pitcher Wil Crowe expressed disappointment in Eckersley’s comments, citing that they are all part of the same “fraternity.” Crowe then called Eckersley’s words “crappy and bush league.”

It was not just the clubhouse in Pittsburgh that responded to Eckersley. Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown appeared on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh and took a shot at the Red Sox, saying that despite having a high payroll, they are under .500.

The Pirates are on pace to finish the season with a losing record. They currently sit in last place in the NL Central as of Aug. 17. They have not finished a campaign over .500 since 2018, and last made a postseason trip in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox were one of the major disappointments in 2022. Last year, they were two games away from making it to the World Series. This year, they did not win a series against an AL East rival until Aug. 14 when defeating the New York Yankees two games to one. They are in last place in the AL East standings as of Aug. 17.

As for the series opener, the Red Sox won 5-3.

Eckersley expressed his rather harsh criticism about the Pirates roster, and they did not go unnoticed.

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