Yankees: 3 decisions that could cost Brian Cashman his job

New York Yankees

BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 13: Frankie Montas #47 of the New York Yankees pitches in the first inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on August 13, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

This could be the last year Brian Cashman has with the New York Yankees and it is these decisions that could cost him his job.

Brian Cashman isn’t getting fired by the New York Yankees. But he might not be back. He is in the final year of his contract with the team and with the way the club has been playing, this could be his swan song.

Cashman has been a face of the franchise longer than anyone else. Although the Steinbrenner name has been attached for more years, Cashman is the one individual who has had power for this period of time.

With doubts already creeping in as the Yankees opened this season, a late-season collapse that might hurt their playoff seed and lead to an early ouster from the postseason might secure Cashman’s fate. It’s already odd that he is a lame duck. These three decisions might make it easier for the Yankees and Cashman to part ways as they may have already cost him his job.

3. Everything the Yankees did at the trade deadline is coming back to bite them

Take your pick of a Yankees trade deadline move and it hasn’t worked out so well. From the additions they made to the players they dealt away, it seems the trade deadline is the point when everything became more unraveled for this ball club.

Let’s begin with what the Yankees got Andrew Benintendi has not been the same hitter for them as he was earlier this year with the Kansas City Royals. Through two starts, Frankie Montas has given them only 8 innings and is the owner of a 9.00 ERA as a member of the club. Scott Effross and Lou Trivino have been effective but neither of them were meant to have the same impact as Benintendi and Montas.

Then there’s what the Yankees gave up. Jordan Montgomery is saving the St. Louis Cardinals and aiming to help them secure the National League Central title. It took him until his third start to even give up a run. All the Yankees got in return for him was Harrison Bader—an injured player who has yet to see action.

We also have to mention how Joey Gallo has somehow remembered how to hit again with the Los Angeles Dodgers. A far more necessary trade than the Montgomery one, someone deserves the blame.

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