Guardians give intriguing prospect his shot for doubleheader spot start

The Cleveland Guardians are pulling a prospect up to MLB for the doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers, and he’s expected to start.

The Cleveland Guardians are bringing pitching prospect Xzavion Curry up from Triple-A to start in the second game of the doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers on Monday.

Curry has pitched extremely well in the minors. This season, he’s produced an ERA of 3.48, batting average against of .214 and WHIP of 1.09. The Guardians are slightly above league average for pitching. They have the 10th-best ERA (3.79), 13th-best opponent batting average (.238) and sixth-best WHIP (1.21).

If Curry pitches as well as he has in the minors, he’ll fit right in in the majors. Putting him in during a second doubleheader game is also the ideal time.

Guardians prospect Xzavion Curry will likely fit right in with the major leaguers

Curry is undoubtedly a talented pitcher, and his success in the minors makes him seem likely to be ready for the majors. Though he probably won’t emerge as the best pitcher in Cleveland, he’ll likely still be able to positively help the team.

The second doubleheader game is the perfect time to test the waters for the prospect. The Guardians won’t want to tire out their best pitchers or overuse them, so giving a new player a later game is a great strategy and a good test of how well he can play.

Detroit also isn’t a great team overall. They have the third-worst batting average (.225), second-worst on-base percentage (.282), worst slugging percentage (.330) and worst OPS (.611). There’s low risk in putting a new pitcher against them.

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