Reds depressing season gets worse with latest Joey Votto news

The Cincinnati Reds got an injury update on first baseman Joey Votto that will make their season even more upsetting for many.

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto will sit out for the rest of the season due to a rotator cuff tear.

He is expected to get surgery that will take beyond the rest of the 2022 season to recover.

Votto hasn’t had the best season, but he’s long been a reliable slugger for Cincinnati, a legend of the franchise as he’s also played with the Reds every season of his 16-season career. So the news of him ending the season early is upsetting for many.

The veteran’s shoulder has reportedly been bothering him since 2015.

Reds slugger Joey Votto undergoing season-ending surgery

At a press conference, Votto revealed he’s had shoulder pain since 2015. According to Votto, it’s been “painful to the point where it’s…difficult to lift, hurts to sleep over the last few months. The doctor informed [him] that with these sort of injuries at some point you hit a breaking point, and you’re not able to manage it quite as well.”

His performance has been inconsistent since 2015, and the shoulder is likely the culprit. This season, he’s had his worst season at-bat. He’s hit .205/.319/.370 for an OPS of .689. In comparison to his career averages, he’s hit .297/.412/.513 for an OPS of .925.

Despite not hitting well this season, he’s still the best hitter at first base on the Reds. In general, Cincinnati struggles in the lineup. Of all MLB teams, they have the 12th-worst batting average (.239), 11th-worst on-base percentage (.308), sixth-worst slugging percentage (.375) and seventh-worst OPS (.684).

The Reds need help in the lineup, and Votto’s absence will likely be noticeable.

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