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Watch Dodgers reporter break wrist on Brewers slide, get laughed at by coworkers

Los Angeles Dodgers reporter David Vassegh wanted to go down the slide at American Family Field. It did not end well for him.

One of the highlights of American Family Field is the gigantic slide deep in the outfield, which mascot Bernie Brewer goes down when the Milwaukee Brewers hit a home run. With the Los Angeles Dodgers in town, one reporter wanted to give the slide a try.

David Vassegh of Dodger Talk decided to head down the slide. His colleagues, Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra, showed the clip while trying to contain their laughter. Vassegh screamed “holy crap” multiple times before slamming into the padded wall located at the end of the slide.

Davis and Garciaparra were hysterically laughing, then the cameras cut to Vassegh, who had a huge smile on his face while brandishing a cast on his right wrist. It was revealed that he had suffered a fractured wrist and six cracked ribs.

Dodgers reporter breaks wrist while going down Brewers slide

Slide 1, Vassegh 0.

The clip was actually the second time that Vassegh went down the slide. On his first attempt, he was able to go down the slide with no issues. His last attempt forced him to go sideways and slam into the wall, leading to his injuries.

In a postgame interview, Los Angeles catcher Austin Barnes told Vassegh that they dedicated their 2-1 victory to him following his accident on the slide.

Let’s just say that the day after, the Brewers had some fun at his expense. At the slide, tape was used to outline Vassegh’s body on the wall. Not only that, but they used the tape to spell out “holy crap.”

Bernie Brewer took a photo of the “crime scene,” saying to leave the slide “to the professional.”

Let it be a lesson, going down the slide at American Family Field is not as easy as it looks. The good thing is that Vassegh was in good spirits and able to joke about it afterward.

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