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Astros looking more they absolutely fleeced Red Sox at trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox traded away one of their biggest names at the deadline to the Houston Astros, and it’s continuing to backfire.

The Boston Red Sox traded catcher Christian Vazquez to the Houston Astros the same night they faced them at the trade deadline. The trade was emotional for many, including Vazquez himself. He’s having success with Houston that is proving Boston shouldn’t have let him go.

According to a Tweet from MLB Network, Vazquez is slashing .357/.357/.357 in just 11 games with the Astros.

This is mostly better than his season average, aside from slugging percentage. Vazquez was the best catcher in Boston.

Astros Christian Vazquez can’t be replaced by the Red Sox with the current lineup

Vazquez made a positive impact on the lineup that no other catcher in Boston can make. Kevin Plawecki is replacing Vazquez in the lineup, but he’s hit much worse at .169/.246/.234 for an OPS of .480 this season. This is his worst season, but his career average of .230/.310/.338 for an OPS of .648 is still much lower than Vazquez’s.

Plawecki made his MLB debut in 2015 and has played with the Red Sox since 2020. His first two seasons with Boston were the best of his career, but before, he was consistently underperforming at the plate.

Vazquez, on the other hand, has a much better career average. Though he’s not the best hitter, he was significantly more reliable. Over his eight-season career, he hit .263/.312/.389 for an OPS of .701.

Before being traded, he finished hitting with the Red Sox at .282/.327/.432 for an OPS of .759. Of all regular starters in Boston, he was in the top five for slugging percentage. He’s only continuing to get better, and unfortunately, no longer with the Red Sox.

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