Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros

Austin Riley gave the Astros near immediate PTSD from World Series

The Atlanta Braves hosted the Houston Astros for the first time since the World Series, and Austin Riley is reminding the Astros why the Braves are the champions.

The Atlanta Braves are hosting the Houston Astros in a series for the first time since the World Series. Braves third baseman Austin Riley reminded the Astros why they aren’t the champions.

Riley hit a nice three-run homer in the bottom of the third inning to give Atlanta an early 3-0 lead at home.

The Braves were celebrating while the Astros certainly look disappointed.

Atlanta and Houston are both chasing postseason success again, which shown through Friday night’s game. The Astros fought back but the Braves had too much firepower as Riley’s homer set the tone for a 6-2 win.

Braves and Astros could be on collision course for another World Series rematch

The Braves and the Astros both have good likelihood of making it to the World Series again. Both teams are nearly guaranteed spots in the playoffs. According to FanGraphs, Atlanta has a 99.8 percent chance of making it and Houston has a 100 percent chance.

They both have average lineups. However, each lineup has a lot of power that helps drive success. Atlanta has the second-best slugging percentage (.445) among all MLB teams and the Astros have the fifth-best (.428).

They both rank just slightly above league average in batting average and on-base percentage. However, their rotation makes them likely contenders.

The Astros have the second-best ERA (3.05), opponent batting average (.213) and WHIP (1.11). Atlanta is slightly worse with the sixth-best ERA (3.61), fifth-best OBA (.232) and 10th-best WHIP (1.22).

The two teams are certainly entertaining to watch and relive the 2021 World Series.

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