Eduardo Rodriguez speaks about return to Tigers, has support of AJ Hinch

Detroit Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has officially been reinstated from the restricted list, and he’s been shown a lot of support.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has been out since June 13 on the restricted list due to “personal matters.” Though it’s not exactly clear why Rodriguez was on the restricted list, the news of his return has been exciting for many and he’s been shown a lot of support.

Tigers manager A.J. Hinch reportedly told the players to welcome him, regardless of their emotions on the situation, according to Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic.

Hinch stated, “I think you can have two emotions at the same time. You can be very emotional and supportive in what he’s had to go through and also very frustrated that we haven’t had one of our best pitchers. That’s OK. I told our guys that. We welcome him back.”

Rodriguez’s absence has been difficult for everyone, himself included.

Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez found his own absence difficult

Rodriguez began his career in the majors in 2015. Stepping away was a difficult adjustment for him, but he knew it was what he needed to do momentarily.

He told Stavenhagen, “It’s difficult to step away from what I’ve been through all my career, my teammates and everything. But for me, family is always first. My second family is my teammates and the organization … I’m back here with my second family.”

Detroit has been struggling this season, and Rodriguez will likely help the rotation. Though the Tigers are far from postseason success, any upgrades are meaningful.

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