Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals

Tony La Russa appears to nod off during White Sox vs. Royals game (Video)

The White Sox have had a lot of issues with manager Tony La Russa this season managerial moves. Now, he appears to be nodding off in the dugout.

The Chicago White Sox have had … an interesting season, to put it mildly, largely due to manager Tony La Russa.

They’ve vastly underperformed coming off of their 2021 season, when they won the American League Central by 13 games with a 93-69 record. This year, they entered the month of August with a record of 51-50, but they are still only two games behind the Minnesota Twins for the AL Central lead.

With La Russa, he has made a lot of questionable moves on the season, including intentionally walking Guardians third baseman José Ramírez after getting a strike on him, intentionally walking Trea Turner after getting a 1-2 count on him (and the next batter Max Muncy hit a three-run homer).

This past weekend, he was slow to protect his shortstop Tim Anderson, who was then ejected from the game and he followed by bumping the home plate umpire.

Clubhouse morale has also, reportedly, been down as well. Now, La Russa appeared to be falling asleep in the first inning in Monday’s game against the Royals.

Tony La Russa looks to be nodding off during the White Sox game

It could be innocent enough for most managers but considering the issues that Tony La Russa has had for the White Sox this year and his age (he will turn 78 later this year), it’s another thing that will raise more eyebrows for whether or not he has the mental and physical stamina to manage a team anymore.

The Hall of Famer has made it to six World Series as a manager with the Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals, winning three times (1989 with Oakland, 2006 and 2011 with St. Louis). He started off with the White Sox, though, as he was their manager from 1979 through 1986, when he was fired mid-season. He joined the A’s as their manager later that season.

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