Mike Trout sets return date to Angels after lengthy absence

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout is set to return to the Angels soon after being out for over a month due to injury.

Los Angeles Angels veteran superstar Mike Trout is set to return to the Angels on Friday night after a hiatus that lasted more than a month.

Trout was out from a back injury and is expected to make his return against the Detroit Tigers.

Trout made his MLB debut in 2011 with Los Angeles and has played every season with them. He’s one of the most reliable players on the team and has continuously produced incredible results. This season, before his injury, he hit .270/.368/.599 for an OPS of .967. This is the first season since 2016 that he’s produced a slugging percentage below .600.

The Tigers are in trouble facing Trout.

The Detroit Tigers are in trouble facing Los Angeles Angels veteran Mike Trout

The Tigers have been in a rut all season with a lack of power in the lineup. Among all MLB teams, they currently have the third-worst batting average (.226), second-worst on-base percentage (.282), worst slugging percentage (.331) and worst OPS (.613).

The Angels, overall, haven’t been much better this season. Los Angeles has the fifth-worst batting average (.228), fourth-worst OBP (.296), eighth-worst slugging percentage (.380) and fifth-worst OPS (.676).

Trout, however, is a player to fear no matter what lineup he’s in. He’s one of the best hitters in MLB and hits with power consistently. This season, he’s contributed to 55 runs and nearly half were from home runs (24). The Angels will undoubtedly benefit from having their slugger back.

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