Bernie Brewer clowns Dodgers reporter for embarrassing wipeout on slide

To add insult to injury, Dodgers reporter David Vassegh was the butt of Bernie Brewer’s jokes on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Dodgers TV reporter David Vassegh dared to go where no mortal man should have ever gone: The mascot slide at American Family Field, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

In the video, you could hear the regret in his voice as soon as he let gravity take hold as he exclaimed, “Oh crap!” repeatedly. While he lived to tell the tale, he didn’t walk away unscathed. He cracked six ribs and fractured his wrist, an injury report that sounds like it should be for an NFL quarterback, not an MLB reporter.

Credit where it’s due, Vassegh was back at work that night. The next day, he also took some jokes with pride from the slide master himself, Bernie Brewer.

Brewers mascot pokes fun at Dodgers reporter’s slide injury

Bernie Brewer presented David with some flowers, a slide user manual, and a sign:

The manual simply reads, “It’s really not that hard.”

Bernie then decked out the crime scene, complete with body outline tape:

It makes you wonder, with so much mascot content coming out of this, was it a setup? Did Bernie grease the slide?

In seriousness, Vassegh has been a good sport throughout the life of the viral incident, willing to make himself the joke for others’ entertainment. He even got a home run dedicated to him in return for his troubles, so it’s not all bad.

Let this be a lesson for all of us. Leave the mascot antics for the mascots. And sometimes, maybe it’s best to let dreams stay dreams.

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