Cardinals: 3 insane stats from Albert Pujols miraculous run to close in on 700

St. Louis Cardinals legend Albert Pujols has been on a tear of late, and has 693 career home runs as he closes in on another milestone.

Pujols’ career has brought with it a number of statistics many never thought possible, or assumed wouldn’t be reached again. The home runs are just the beginning, but reaching 700 would put a cap on a career that will surely earn him a spot in Cooperstown.

Albert has said that he’ll retire at the end of the season, despite his recent hot streak and effectiveness against left-handed pitching in 2022.

“I’m still going to retire, no matter whether I end up hitting 693, 696, 700, whatever,’’ Pujols said to USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t get caught up in numbers. If you were going to tell me 22 years ago that I would be this close, I would have told you that you’re freakin’ crazy. My career has been amazing.’’

He also claims not to give a damn about the numbers. Thankfully, all of us amateur baseball statisticians do care.

Albert Pujols stat No. 1: The Machine out-slugs The Machine

Pujols’ career has brought with it a number of peaks and valleys, but this 10-game stretch is arguably the best he’s ever played, and that’s saying something.

Per Jeremy Frank of MLB Random Stats, Pujols is slugging 1.300 over his last 10 contests. That’s his highest slugging percentage in a 10-game stretch…ever.

This is far from the first time Pujols has gotten hot at the right time, and it will not be the last.

Albert Pujols stat No. 2: Add another pitcher to his list

Yes, Pujols has homered off the most pitchers in MLB history, tying Barry Bonds for that mark. By now, you know this.

But let’s put that stat in perspective: Do you know how many players have over 449 home runs TOTAL? The likes of Hall of Famers Jeff Bagwell and Vladimir Guerrero Sr. finished their careers at that mark.

Pujols’ home run statistics are truly mind-blowing, and that’s just the beginning.

Albert Pujols stat No. 3: The Machine owns the Cubs

Reminder: Pujols didn’t play in the NL Central from 2012-21. That’s the preface to this next statistic.

Since 2001, Pujols STILL has the most game-tying or game-winning home runs against the Cubs. Monday night marked his 23rd such occasion, per reddit user r/JKUAN108 and

In an iconic career, it’s no huge surprise that the longtime Cardinals slugger had so much success against Chicago. But to do so when he spent nearly a decade away from the organization is truly unbelievable.

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