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Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. out indefinitely as he undergoes shoulder surgery

San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. will finally undergo surgery on his injured left shoulder and will be out indefinitely. 

Fernando Tatis Sr. believes that “all of baseball” loses as a result of his son’s — Fernando Tatis Jr. — 80-game PED suspension, but there has been a new development that creates promise for his return. At last, Tatis Jr. will undergo surgery to repair his left shoulder, which has been chronically injured.

The San Diego Padres officially announced the decision on Sunday, and sources within the organization offered FanSided insight into the situation.

Per close sources, Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to undergo surgery on his left shoulder and will be out indefinitely. He’s dislocated that shoulder a few times and has held off, but he is finally doing it during his suspension.

Tatis and the team confirmed the news on Tuesday as the start met with the media for the first time since news of his suspension.

Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. out indefinitely with shoulder surgery and rehab

At the end of June, Tatis Jr. spoke with FanSided’s Baseball Insiders podcast about how he was recovering from his shoulder and wrist injuries, which have kept him sidelined for the entire 2022 season.

Tatis Jr. said that the time that everything was “looking pretty good” and that his recovery was in “a really good spot right now.”  Tatis Jr. also opened up about how difficult it has been to miss out on the field this summer, especially since he’s played the game since he was eight years old.

“It’s been hard. It’s been hard. I’ve never missed this much time out on the field. It feels horrible. I just want to be out there. I want to be with the boys. I have 12 more years with the Padres, so you have to be smart and not rush it.”

After missing 48 games for the remainder of the 2022 season, Tatis Jr. will be suspended for 32 games in the 2023 MLB season. Since his shoulder surgery date and recovery timeline remains unknown, fans may have to wait quite some time to see him take the field alongside Juan Soto.

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