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Braves favorite Peter Moylan roasts Pittsburgh Pirates for decades of disappointment

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Peter Moylan responded to the rumors of MLB expanding, and he roasted the Pittsburgh Pirates as part of it.

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Peter Moylan had the perfect response to the idea of MLB expanding to 32 teams. Moylan tweeted, “Before we expand to 32 MLB teams maybe we should put one in Pittsburgh?”

The Pittsburgh Pirates have certainly been disappointing for several years, and they just can’t seem to find their steam.

The last time the Pirates finished above fourth in the NL Central standings was 2016. They currently sit at the bottom of the standings, well below .500.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are having yet another disappointing season

The Pirates, unfortunately, don’t have much going for them this season. Among all MLB teams, they have the second-worst batting average (.220), third-worst on-base percentage (.287), third-worst slugging percentage (.360) and third-worst OPS (.648).

Several teams that have a poor lineup have a much better rotation. However, this isn’t the case for Pittsburgh. The Pirates are lacking in their rotation as well. They have the fourth-worst ERA (4.71), opponent batting average (.264) and WHIP (1.43).

According to FanGraphs, they have no chance of making the playoffs. They don’t even have a chance of getting a Wild Card spot. They’re also in one of the worst divisions in the league, so their lack of success is a huge indicator of just how poorly they’re doing this season.

The NL Central is the only division to have two teams below .400. The AL Central is the only other division to not have the top team above .600. The Pirates have a lot of work to do if they want to improve their success for future seasons.

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