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Texas Rangers: Top Chris Woodward replacements who can capitalize on talent

The Texas Rangers made a statement this week with the dismissal of manager Chris Woodward and then president of baseball operations Jon Daniels — that they are all in for the future.

Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers president of baseball operations, said he dismissed Chris Woodward with an eye toward the future built on young talent and a winning culture. Rangers’ Managing Partner and majority owner Ray Davis then shocked the baseball world Wednesday with the immediate dismissal of Daniels.

Davis told the media that while Daniels has produced some great teams, they haven’t had a winning record since 2016.

After making a massive investment in talent, Davis let it be known the Rangers are tired of the status quo. They are ready to win now. Davis has promoted Chris Young to head the baseball operations staff.

Considering these recent developments, Young is charged with getting this team on track to win. One of his first significant moves will be naming a new manager.

Before his departure, Daniels named Tony Beasley, their third base coach, and interim manager. Beasley has been with the Rangers since 2014 and is the longest-tenured coach on staff. It will be interesting to see if Young decides to have a manager with a familiarity with the organization. Young could easily take the interim tag off of Beasley’s new status.

With Woodward and Daniels out with several weeks left in the season, the Rangers are serious about their efforts to change course for this team. Beasley may be seen as staying the course.

That would also hint that Ron Washington probably will not make a return to the Rangers. Washington is a third base coach for the Atlanta Braves, who was the skipper for the Rangers from 2006 – 2014, when he resigned citing personal reasons.  He had a record of 664-611 as manager, winning two AL Pennants and ultimately losing to the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series in 2010 and 2011. He got his first World Series win as a third base coach with the Braves in 2022.

While he would undoubtedly provide a spark, Young and Davis would likely see Washington as a step back from what they wanted to do with the Rangers. It’s not likely Washington will come back to Arlington.

Let’s ponder who may become serious candidates that can take on the Rangers and their talented young team.

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