The Mariners walk-off celebration just got even crazier (Video)

The Seattle Mariners were rightfully thrilled about a walk-off win on Friday night, and their celebration got even better.

The Seattle Mariners pulled off a walk-off win in the 11th inning against the Cleveland Guardians, and they were rightfully thrilled about it. Their celebration took a fun turn with a team dance party on the field.

The Mariners were shown huddled in a circle, jumping and dancing around after their victory. A walk-off win is certainly something to celebrate, especially heading into the postseason.

Seattle has only made the playoffs four times over their 45 seasons as a franchise, and they’re likely to beat the drought this season.

The Seattle Mariners are likely headed to the playoffs this season

The Mariners are currently second in the AL West division standings. It’s unlikely they’ll move up to first past the Houston Astros, but they have a good lead above the Texas Rangers that’ll likely hold them steady in second.

According to FanGraphs, they have a 93.6 percent chance of making the playoffs and a 3.9 percent chance of winning the World Series. Though a World Series win would be a long shot, making the playoffs would be a huge accomplishment for the team.

Seattle hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2001. They’ve never played in the World Series, and they’re the only team in MLB to have zero appearances. If they can make it as far as the World Series this season, it’d be historic.

Though it’s unlikely they’ll make it that far, they’re almost guaranteed a playoff spot which is a major accomplishment for the franchise.

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