Watch: Yankees celebrate with Nestor Cortes by pouring beer down his pants

The New York Yankees put up a good fight toward the end of the regular season to hold onto the top AL East spot. They’re celebrating the win in hilarious ways.

The New York Yankees have officially made it to the top of the AL East. Of course, it called for a celebration, but the Yankees threw an amusing celebration like no other.

In a video posted by Talkin’ Yanks on Twitter, Harrison Bader was shown chugging multiple beers in celebration with the team. Someone responded to the video with a Tweet of Nestor Cortes Jr. getting beer poured down his pants and captioned it, “MORE IMPORTANTLY WHO POURED THE BEER DOWN NESTORS PANTS?”

Cortes didn’t even try to fight back and just let it happen. The Yankees are deservedly thrilled because, for the fifth consecutive year, they’re going to the playoffs.

The New York Yankees are officially going to the playoffs

New York has had one of the most successful histories in the league. They’ve appeared in 40 World Series and won 27, which is the most championship appearances and wins of any professional sports team in North America.

The St. Louis Cardinals are far behind in MLB at the second-most wins with just 11, which is still a huge feat but the Yankees have almost triple that. They also have a decent shot at winning again this year.

They aren’t the most likely team to win, but they’re among some of the top teams. According to FanGraphs, they have a 10.3 percent chance of winning, which is the fourth-best projected chance. It’s possible, but they’d have to be at their absolute best to pull off another win.

It is more likely that the Houston Astros make the World Series for the AL, but anything could happen.

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