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MLB insider reveals 6 possible Carlos Correa free agency suitors

Star shortstop free agent Carlos Correa is bound to face several offers from many teams, and MLB insider Mark Feinsand revealed six possible suitors.

Former Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa is certainly a hot commodity on the market as he’s one of the best shortstops in the league. He’s bound to get several offers from several teams, but only one will ultimately land him.

Correa is a beautifully well-rounded player as he can perform both offensively and defensively extremely well with several achievements to show for his talent. Most recently, he’s earned a Fielding Bible award, a Gold Glove and an AL Platinum Glove. He also had a great season at-bat, slashing .291/.366/.467 for an OPS of .833, lining up accurately with his career averages.

There’s no clear direction suggesting where he may end up yet, but MLB insider Mark Feinsand broke down some likely suitors.

Potential landing spots for star shortstop Carlos Correa

According to Feinsand, the Twins seem to be one of the likeliest spots for Correa to land. He created a good reputation with the team as he performed extremely well on the field and was also a good leader, which are two very important aspects for any team.

The Twins will also reportedly make a big push in an effort to keep Correa around, potentially offering him the biggest contract in club history.

If the Twins can’t lock down Correa, the Chicago Cubs are reportedly another likely contender. The Cubs are in need of a shortstop regardless and have been linked to all the stars on the market, but it’s believed that they’re most interested in Correa.

Chicago has quite a bit of payroll clear with Jason Heyward officially being cut from the team and Willson Contreras unlikely to return, so the Cubs are ready to spend big to make necessary changes as they seek another 2016-Cubs-caliber team.

The Philadelphia Phillies are also likely contenders as they button up their defense to make their team more well-rounded. According to Feinsand, the Phillies are more likely after Trea Turner, but Correa could be a solid backup target.

The San Francisco Giants are also listed. While they’re very openly going after Aaron Judge right now, they could pivot their interest to the shortstop market if things don’t work out as Brandon Crawford has just one year left of his contract. They’ve expressed that money isn’t an issue and they won’t be outbid for Judge, so they’ll evidently have enough to spend on Correa if they don’t land the slugger.

The New York Yankees may also be in a good spot to land Correa as they face their own roster struggles. Feinsand doesn’t necessarily view the Yankees as one of the most likely landing spots, especially considering his part in the 2017 World Series win with the Houston Astros, but he does view them as having potential if they don’t keep Judge around.

The Boston Red Sox could also end up with Correa on the roster if Xander Bogaerts gets signed elsewhere. The Red Sox have made a few failed attempts to keep Bogaerts around, and he’s one of the best shortstop in the league, so they’ll need to sign someone big to fill his shoes if he leaves.

Trevor Story is an option already on the team for the Red Sox, but he hasn’t achieved nearly what Bogaerts has and he’s had some arm issues over the past few years. It seems most likely that Boston will continue to try to keep Bogaerts around, but if they fail to, Correa could become an option.

Feinsand also shared the Los Angeles Dodgers as a potential landing spot for the same reason as the Red Sox: They’re potentially losing their star shortstop. Trea Turner is on the market with Bogaerts and Correa, and the Dodgers suddenly have big shoes to fill at shortstop as well. However, similar to the Yankees, it may not be a wise move for their fanbase as the Astros defeated the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series amidst their cheating scandal.

Correa could truly end up anywhere, but some teams seem much more likely to land him than others.

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