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3 teams Cardinals should trade with at the Winter Meetings

At the upcoming MLB Winter Meetings, the St. Louis Cardinals have three teams they can make a blockbuster trade with two help both ball clubs.

The MLB Winter Meetings could be a time when the offseason hot stove gets a little warmer. Thus far, action has been moving slowly. Teams like the St. Louis Cardinals are in a position to make some big free agent signings and maybe strike a few trades.

The Winter Meetings will be a good time to at least start the conversation for a big trade. St. Louis, with a surplus of outfield talent in the majors and minors, has every reason to make a deal.

With needs of their own to address, it’s these three teams the Cardinals should cling to at the Winter Meetings in hopes of possibly making a deal.

1) Cardinals should make a trade with the Athletics at the Winter Meetings

There isn’t much left on the Oakland Athletics roster to pick from. Catcher Sean Murphy is one exception. Definitely a trade target of the Cardinals this offseason, he can help them fit their great need behind the plate.

The retirement of Yadier Molina has made catcher one of the biggest needs for the Cardinals this winter. Prospect Ivan Herrera doesn’t seem quite ready. He might not even be a realistic option for them in their current win now mode.

A trade involving Herrera and another piece or two from the farm system makes a lot of sense for St. Louis and Oakland. The Cards receive a young catcher with great defense and a slowly improving bat. Oakland reloads.

Unlike some other teams on this list, the Athletics would be more interested in trading for players who have yet to make their MLB debut. Jordan Walker is way too good to give up for only Murphy. Lesser prospects would make sense.

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