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We all owe the Giants an apology for Carlos Correa nonsense

The San Fransisco Giants appeared to have egg on their face, but now they look prescient after Carlos Correa has agreed to terms with the Twins.

For a moment, it appeared as if the San Francisco Giants had fumbled the bag in a massive way. When the Giants raised concerns with medicals related to a 2014 surgery Carlos Correa underwent, the MLB world roasted them.

Reports came out that suggested Correa was dressed for his introductory press conference in San Francisco when the blockade was revealed. In the interim, the New York Mets swooped in and stole Correa, agreeing with him to a deal similar in length and total value as the Giants.

But today, we learned the Mets and Correa, after weeks of stalemate due to similar medical concerns as San Francisco, are also no more. He has now agreed with the Twins.

Barring any more medical blockades, Correa will be in Minnesota for the next six years.

Medical status was enough to drastically change Carlos Correa’s contract

The Giants, at first, looked silly for this whole thing. It seemed as if they were being petty about an old injury and looking to save a few extra dollars on the deal.

But the more we learned, the more we saw that Correa’s medical status was an issue to more than just San Fran. The Mets found the same thing, and the Twins only agreed with Correa on a contract nearly half the length and far cheaper in total value, with a higher AAV.

It’s still a massive investment from Minnesota, but they can get out of the deal much sooner than the Giants and Mets were going to be able to.

We’re sorry, San Francisco. Optically, you looked like you didn’t know what you were doing. Clearly, you were at least sorta right.

We’ll see how fast ink and paper meet in the Correa/Twins agreement.

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