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Jason Heyward gave Dansby Swanson perfect advice about leaving Braves

Leaving home is never easy. The Braves were the only organization Dansby Swanson had really known. Jason Heyward can relate.

Dansby Swanson signed with the Chicago Cubs this offseason on a seven-year, $177 million deal. It was tough to turn down, especially with Swanson coming off a career season, and having just married Mallory Pugh, who plays for Chicago’s NWSL team.

While it all made sense on paper, it was not easy for Swanson himself. Dansby had grown quite accustomed to living in Atlanta. His family was there. It was home.

Prior to signing with the Cubs, Swanson discussed the then-potential decision with former Brave Jason Heyward. Given their career trajectories, Heyward could relate more than most.

“It was just strictly like, “Hey, bro, I understand how sacred this process is, so I don’t want to be biased towards anything. Whatever is available to you, I understand these are things that are natural to worry about. But once you get through this process, that won’t be there anymore. You got to look after you,” Heyward told The Athletic.

Jason Heyward indirectly helped Dansby Swanson move on from Braves

Jason Heyward certainly did not try to persuade Dansby Swanson to leave the Braves. If anything, he merely wanted the shortstop to do whatever was in his best interest. It turns out that was signing with the Chicago Cubs, which Heyward just left in favor of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“For him, it probably came down to: Is he going to stay there? Or is he even going to be asked to stay? Which I can also relate to. Dansby is a sharp dude,” Heyward said.

Atlanta let Swanson walk, if anything because they didn’t think he was worth $177 million. It’s tough to argue with that logic, as Dansby was coming off a career season.

If Swanson can replicate that success at the plate all while winning another gold glove, perhaps he’ll have the last laugh after all.

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