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MLB Power Rankings: Where all 30 teams rank solely in run differential

MLB Power Rankings

The Kansas City Royals are near the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings when it comes to every factor, including run differential. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

MLB Power Rankings of all 30 teams based exclusively on run differential.

One of the best indications of how well a team is playing is a look at their run differential. It’s not always the best predictor because teams with identical records could have vastly different run differentials. We already see it in 2023. In this week’s MLB Power Rankings, we invest all of our attention to how many runs each club has scored compared to how many they’ve given up.

Run differential is as simple as that. You calculate the number of runs scored minus the ones they’ve given up. It punishes teams that are blown out in every loss. It rewards those who just miss victory.

Ignoring wins and losses. Foregoing any placement in the standings. Throwing out every gut feeling about how well a team is playing or not. These are the MLB Power Rankings based solely on run differential.

30) MLB Power Rankings: Oakland Athletics at -124

The Oakland Athletics are so far behind everyone else in run differential right now it’s not even funny. At -124, they own by far the worst run differential in baseball. They’re just a game behind the Kansas City Royals for the worst record in baseball. The two actually played each other this weekend with the Royals coming out on top. The Athletics have issues well beyond just the poor play on the field. Sadly, it’s looking like their time in Oakland ends with a whimper.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals at -66

Only a victory better than the Oakland Athletics because of their win against them on Sunday, the Kansas City Royals somehow have a far superior run differential. This is more about how bad the Athletics are not the talent of the Royals. Make no mistake about it. The Royals are downright awful, they’re just not the worst.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Miami Marlins at -56

Maybe the most deceptive record in baseball right now, the Miami Marlins have only recently fallen below .500. You’d never know looking at their run differential. They’re getting hammered in losses. In wins, they’re barely coming out on top. They are tied for second in the National League East but we can see how this club has a lot to improve upon. They’ve scored 116 runs. No team has been as unfamiliar with crossing the plate as them.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Chicago White Sox at -54

No. Seriously. The Chicago White Sox are this bad. Remember last year when they seemed built to win a championship? This is now the second consecutive year where they’ve broken the hearts of the fans and dug themselves into an early hole. Their run differential of -54 improved quite a bit on Sunday with a blowout victory against the Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately, it’s still one of the worst in baseball.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers at -41

Let’s get as many of the American League Central teams out of the way as possible. The -41 run differential for the Detroit Tigers comes as no surprise. While the pitching has managed to improve upon last year’s failures, the offense is putrid. Comerica Park may need to adjust the dimensions ever further to help this team score runs more consistently.

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