Young Red Sox fan starts family feud by throwing foul ball back

The Boston Red Sox completed a series sweep of the Yankees on Sunday, but not every fan in the ballpark was celebrating. 

The Boston Red Sox are playing a dangerous game of catch-up in the extremely competitive AL East. A good way to climb back up the standings is to sweep the New York Yankees, which is exactly what the team did this weekend.

The third and final game of the series ended in a 4-1 Boston victory on Sunday. Naturally, the Fenway fans were excited — not only is Boston gaining some positive momentum, but they beat the Yankees. Everyone in Boston can get behind that.

A couple of younger fans, however, were briefly distracted by a family feud.

Young Boston Red Sox fan tosses foul back back and throws wrench into Father’s Day plans

I’ve been there, dog. As the older brother in my family, I can absolutely attest to the struggles of having a clueless younger brother (this is said with absolute affection and deep-rooted love for my younger brother, who has grown into a fine young man).

It’s tough out there for us sage, wise, experienced older siblings. And to the father, who got to spend his special day with his kids at the ballpark, oof. Is there a more fitting way to spend it? What is fatherhood if not quelling tensions between two young sons over mostly trivial matters at a sporting event?

The Red Sox were kind enough to win the game, which probably put some of the unrest to bed. To make sure the children didn’t spend days brooding over this unfortunate mishap, the NESN crew also provided both brothers with signed balls. Boston pitcher Kenley Jansen also gave the older brother a signed ball and jersey. Safe to say he came out of the ordeal better off.

This will certainly be a game to remember for both the kids and the father. This is a prime example of the inherent poetry of life and sports: all the highs and lows of family, fatherhood, and brotherhood very succinctly packaged into a five-second clip from the Red Sox game.

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